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Lodged within two floors, this 10,000 sft outlet showcasing tiles and sanitary fittings had a long list of assortments to be displayed from ceramics, kitchens, bathrooms to tiles, stones and finishing accessories such as lights, vanities. Moreover, most of these items have multiple
brands and each brand was significant as it had to cater to every stratum of customers. After
several discussions the layout was finally conceived prioritizing a few aspects-visibility of brands, accessibility to every display corner, customer flow, mock displays and the overall experience.

The tones are kept to the simple greys and woods to highlight the products, the décor is humble, lending every display its own discerning character, the lighting is unpretentious yet
warm and hospitable. Only the mock showers use liberal colors through bright tiles to showcase possibilities of application.

The façade is flat and devoid of openings to disallow the strong west sunlight. The exterior has an interesting interplay of rectangles in aluminum cladding, here too the color palette is
neutral. Despite its bare frontage and the space being one of the largest displays of Ahmednagar, this superstore does not overwhelm the customer but rather eases his entire experience.

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