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When the Client indicated that the buildings’ top most floors is where he proposed to have a restaurant, it came as the first challenge. It’s not that restaurants can’t be hung in the air, but in a place like Ahmednagar it was as yet not done and this was the Client’s first venture into hospitality.

A simple brief was given-the mood had to be upbeat fine dine space but not extravagant as the income per table in this city is not supportive of large amounts spent on the décor.

Assigning a style was imperative as the other restaurants around that area have the décor but do not obey a style. Contemporary Retro it was for us- cane chairs, venetian oxidized chandeliers, ornamental cornices enhancing that retro vibe but the highlight is the Ikkat
drapery wrapped over the open ducts. Painted air conditioning pipes are not uncommon but a cloth draped duct played its own aesthetics. The background is what mostly appeals to customers- little underlit niches display Bali tree motifs, its raw handcrafted finish supporting
the muted theme of the place and giving a sense of earthiness to this place, which is aptly named EARTH

The 100 seater banquet room is a floor below the restaurant. The old-fashioned look and feel carries into this space with its chessboard black and white flooring, crystal ceiling lights and the stepped cornices along the ceiling accents.

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