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Nandanvan existed prior to this assignment, but the eatery existed only for tipplers in its dark, dim and distraught decor. For families, it subsisted for a single reason- its locally flavored Indian fare, popular as takeaways only. Catering to this constant demand for a `dine-in’ space, the owners commissioned us for an all purpose and a low maintenance
extension meant as family space.

The largeness of the space was broken into pockets of sitting, each with its distinctive character. Metal screens were added in one section for an orthodox family’s privacy while a tent in another section helped customers wanting a brighter space. A play area was necessary for families with infants. A grey muted theme was used for the structures
and colors were introduced by way of furniture and accessories, outsourced from Jodhpur. With its warm ambience the restaurant has picked up on its reputation and has become a popular place for families.

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