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With the clients taking a leap from a rundown basement of 2000 to 8000 square feet under construction building, we were given the latitude for not only the interiors but of building elevation as well. But this freedom came with a tight budget. Being a clothing
company we originally proposed a fabric pattern on the elevation, painted on corrugated metal sheets to keep the costs low. As the elevation took shape, the artwork was altered to create a sense of ambiguity, which in its own way has become a landmark of sorts.

The interior has a lot of mood, with angled partitions, frames, and graphics on walls. The space dividers are conventional weld mesh framed into panels and bright painted. Being low on user density, each workstation was designed with its individual quirkiness;
pockets of break-out spaces inhabit a different personality. All in all, the outcome is a lot of fun and feel on a happy budget.

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