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Already having completed two residential projects for this client, we had some inclination of the direction this would take. Between the first one and this project, the brief line for this upscale Yoo Villa house was reformed to be more minimalistic and muted but stimulated with
vibrant accents in possible spaces to grace the overall aesthetics.

Large disposed spaces for the bedrooms and living areas of this sprawling 9000 sft house demanded more than the usual. The large formal living space underwent various discussions on splitting it into two with visual screen partitions but was settled with having two defined seating areas, sourced from Bonaldo. The warmth of the veneer paneling is evidently complimenting the wooden floor pattern intersected with the Carrara runners. This space is accentuated by a crimson fronted cabinet and figurative lights. A painted cabinet paired with the indoor bar cum card table occupy the double height staircase end lobby.

The family space holds a sintered top dining table sourced from Bonaldo and an informal seating area doubling up as a day bed for a more relaxed television experience. The bedrooms hold a simple taste with accents added on walls by way of either raised panels or back painted glass.

The house sits on a 10000 sft plot which came with a lap pool. A gazebo was added to hold full-fledged outdoor bar minus the ostentations of bottle display and a pool table, a favorite
past time of the family members, sits alongside the bar area. A small gymnasium, a work- from-home corner and a gaming table console complete the house.

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